Information and Communication Technology

Information Technology has been part of our school priorities since 1997.
About 30% of our students are School Card Holders and this means that their families are recognised as low income earners.
We are concerned about the growing ‘Information Gap’ and are taking action to reduce this phenomena for students at Grant High School

Our strategies

Our current computer student ratio is 1:1 for all years.


The school shares the campus with the Trade School and we are committed to providing learning that is more accessible to students who have part time employment, apprenticeships and the like, the development of our eLearning capacity is a priority. Our online learning is centred around our Moodle installation

Information and Communication Technology Integration Strategy.
We have a strong Information and Communications Technology integration strategy.
• All classes in the Junior Secondary school have a designated ICT component in them.
• Each faculty is responsible for ensuring that all students in their classes gain certain ICT competencies
This is supported by
• training and development provided to teachers at faculty level
• excellent student access to facilities through a great student: computer ratio (one computer per student)

Basic Network Description

Our IT facilities consist of the following key components
• The network currently has a connection point in all classrooms and offices.
• A number of computer clusters. These are located in common areas adjacent to a number of classrooms
• A larger clusters in the Resource Centre
• We have wireless access across the campus that enables students to use their own laptops to access network resources including the internet
Bookings for Computer Laboratories are made online.

Internet Access

Access to the internet and email is available to students and staff on all computers in the school. Generous Internet allocations are provided for all students at the start of each week. Student allowances are topped up if they use all of their allocation on their school work prior to the end of a week.

User Policy

When students enrol at the school they are required to sign a form explaining rights and responsibilities when using the Internet and computers systems. This is also signed by parents/caregivers.