Science at Grant High School

The Science Centre at Grant High School has recently been completely rebuilt and offers excellent, modern teaching laboratories and state of the art interactive and video display technologies.8_0407

The Science faculty provides teaching programs that enable students to study general courses, and a range of specialist courses which will equip them for academic study at university, TAFE and other tertiary institutions.

We prepare students for senior study in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Psychology and have a full program of study in Agriculture and Agricultural Science from years 9 to 12.

Junior programs are designed to promote interest and understanding, to let students pursue personal interests and to enable appropriate selection from the range of Senior Science subjects we offer.


Our teaching at Grant High School emphasises practical, hands-on Science and the use of the Scientific Method as a problem-solving tool. Students are encouraged to propose problems, ideas and areas of interest, to design experiments, gather data, record, analyse and draw conclusions.

We emphasise and train in the higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy of thinking. This encourages students to apply and improve what they learn and use knowledge to be creative and to contribute scientifically to the local and global community.

 Junior School courses


The junior curriculum is based on the outcomes of the SACSA Framework and each term, a strand forms the focus of study.

Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
Life Systems Cells and reproduction
Living World
Food for Life
Life in the Past
Ecosystem Earth
Our Genes
Species Survival
Energy SystemsEnergy
Sustainable resources Renewable resources
Using Electricity
Problem solving with Lego Technics
Our Energy future
Global Climate change
Green house effect
The fossil fuel
MatterChemical Reactions
Mixing and Separating
Everyday Substances
Investigating Chemical Reactions
Living with Acids and Bases
Elements and Compounds
Chemicals in the Environment
Chemical Tests
The Earth and SpaceThe Geology of the South EastThe Earth and Beyond Our Dynamic Earth
Life and Where it Lives
How Planet Earth Works
Travelling the Universe

Year 10 Advanced Science

In year 10 students with specific interest or ability in Science are offered the following enriched programs based on their performance in Junior School.

Semester 1 Semester 2
10 Advanced ScienceAn enriched program based on the Life Systems and Energy Systems strands 10 Studies of Physics and Chemistry.A program specifically designed to prepare students for academic study of these subjects in years 11 and 12.

Senior School courses

In the Senior School the following subjects are offered.

Year 11 Year 12
Human Biology

Grant High School has a fine tradition of success in Science and a high regard for excellence in teaching and learning.

 Our students regularly participate and succeed in scientific endeavours such as;
  • The Seimens Science Experience
  • The National Science Youth Forum
  • The West Pac Australian Science Competition
  • The Investigator Science Challenge

For more information about the Science program at Grant High School please contact Steve Hall  (Coordinator –  Science)12_0422

 Phone 0887 263100