Grant High School offers two Languages Other than English:IMG_0325

Japanese and Italian

Language courses aim to:

  • teach language with a focus on communication and activities; students learn a language by using it
  • allow access to the richness of other cultures, with new insights into students’ own culture
  • teach the dignity of individuals and the value of differences
  • prepare students for the world of tertiary study, travel, work and friendships

It is compulsory for students to study either Italian or Japanese in Year 8 for one semester.
Students who want to study a language other than the two languages taught at GHS, are encouraged and supported to study this language through the Open Access College (Adelaide).
Japanese is offered in Years 8-12.


The aim of the course in the junior years, is to introduce students to conversational Japanese useful for travel, shopping, eating out in Japan or for talking with Japanese visitors to Australia. Language will be introduced with discussion of Japanese culture and emphasis on student participation in cultural activities. Topics studied include: Japanese Pop Culture, Manga and Anime, Japanese food, Origami and sports.
In the senior years the focus is on speaking, reading and writing in Japanese. Topics include: different aspects of language, culture, history, as well as contemporary Japan.IMG_3712
Grant High school has a long standing sister school relationship with Soja Minami Senior High School in Okayama Prefecture, Japan. Students have the opportunity to participate in either the short term (3 weeks) or long term exchange programs with Soja Minami, as well as acting as hosts when they visit Grant High School.


Italian is offered in Years 8-12. Students are given the opportunity to speak, read and write the language and achieve success at an individual level. Italian is a language spoken by a significant proportion of the Australian population,and as such it has immediate relevance for learners. It is also useful for stuDSC_0049dents who wish to further their studies in such areas of music, art, literature and history. Courses at each year level focus on different aspects of language, history and culture, as well as contemporary Italy.