Enhancing Global Perspectives

For over 25 years Grant High School has been enriching student’s lives and broadening their perspectives through cultural exchange programs. Many students traveling abroad return with life changing experiences and international friendships. Similar international links and cultural exposure can be forged without even leaving home by being a host for an international student.

Traveling Abroad           

Grant High also has links with many other organisations such as ROTARY, AFS and Southern Cross Exchanges to provide students opportunities for short and long term visits to a wide range of countries. Often these programs have scholarships attached.

Exchange Programs

Since 1993 Grant High School has had a sister school arrangement with Soja Minami High School in Japan. Every year one of our students has an opportunity to live life in Japan for a full year. For the less adventurous, short 3 week visits occur every second year with an accompanying teacher.

Grant High School is excited to announce that we are in the process of creating a new sister school in Italy. Istituto Alberghiero Massimo Alberini, located in Treviso, is a secondary school with a focus on the hospitality industry. We will be offering students the life-changing opportunity to visit Italy for three weeks. The trip will occur every second year, starting in 2015.

Hosting Visiting Students

There are always opportunities for families to get involved with the cultural exchange programs by offering to host a young visitor for a short or long stay. Long stays are typically for a one term duration; however, every second year, students from Soja Minami visit for 2 weeks providing a brief but engaging cultural experience.

Study Abroad Program

We also receive several long term visitors through the Department for Education and Child Development. These students have come from all corners of the globe on a Study Abroad Program and have enriched the lives of many of our students.

To learn more about our sister schools (including announcements, photos, links to their website, etc) click on the following link:


Department for Education and Child Development

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