Facilities Overview

Grant High School provides a range of excellent facilities to support curriculum delivery. Specialist sports facilities including a gymnasium, baseball diamond and outdoor courts complement the full range of classrooms, laboratories, music, dance and art facilities.

Designated junior school and senior school facilities supports learning in a way that matches resources to the varying needs of our students. An extensive Agricultural Studies facility supports a range of stock and horticultural programmes. The Door 2 C facilities located at Grant High School supports students to access a broad range of programmes in Building Trades.

We are proud of our quality resources and facilities and constantly strive to improve our site.

  • Information Technology
  • Robe Camp Site
  • Our respect garden is located at the front of the school. It comprises a paved area, native plants, seating and sculpture work completed by students and resident artist Ivo Tadic.
  • Our Sporting facilities are first class. In addition to large oval spaces and a gymnasium, we have quality tennis courts, soccer pitches, football ovals and a baseball diamond.
  • Our senior school floor promotes independent research and learning and is seen as a suitable environment for senior students to study. A major refurbishment  has resulted in a new colour scheme and carpet in all senior floor rooms, as well as new lockers for students to use.
  • Our Junior School Floor has been painted with bright colours. The Junior Floor comprises ten classrooms, an open space area, computer facilites and staff offices. The majority of Year 8 and 9 lessons take place on the Junior Floor.
  • Recent additional facilities upgrades include a total refurbishment of our five Science laboratories at a cost of $1.1 million dollars. This has resulted in modern, well equipped Science laboratories that incorporate state of the art ICT facilities as a feature in each laboratory.
  • Other projects recently completed include the resurfacing of significant areas of asphalt, new equipment in Technology Studies to enhance Trade Training programmes, and upgrades to plant and equipment in our Primary Industries programme.
  • The Trade School for the Future facilities operate from Grant High School. These facilities house the Trade School staff and include two classrooms that feature as part of this regional facility.