School Documents

Parent/Caregiver Communication

2020 04 30 Parent Letter T2 Teaching & Learning .pdf 2KB

2020 04 24 COVID-19 Parent Letter .pdf 88KB

2020 04 22 Parent Letter Prof. Nicola Spurrier.pdf 238KB

Accessing Online Resources 406 KB

Sentral Parent Help.pdf 334KB

2020 03 26 COVID-19 Parent Letter Minister for Education

2020 03 19 COVID-19 Parent Letter


2020_Dispersed Learning Protocol pdf 1MB

Grant High School Context Statement 

2020 Grant High School Context Statement

Grant High School Course Booklet

Grant High School 2021 Course Booklet 6MB

External School Review:

2018 External School Review.pdf 4MB

School Bus Travel Information

School Bus Travel Information.pdf 1.2MB

Site Improvement Plan:

2019-2021 Site Improvement Plan.pdf 2MB

Annual Reports:

2019 Annual Report

2018 Annual Report.pdf 23MB

2017 Annual Report.pdf 245 KB 

2016 Annual Report.pdf 231KB



Newsletter No7 09/12/2020 .pdf 6MB

Newsletter No6 28/10/2020 .pdf 14MB

Newsletter No 5 28/08/2020 pdf 16MB

Newsletter No4 02/07/2020 pdf 12KB

Newsletter No3 14/05/2020 pdf 6MB

Newsletter No2 20/03/2020 24MB

Newsletter No1 07/02/2020 pdf 5MB


Newsletter No15 11/12/2019 pdf 10MB

Newsletter No14 01/11/2019 pdf 11MB

Newsletter No13 27/09/2019 pdf 10MB

Newsletter No 12 30/08/2019 pdf 8MB

Newsletter No11 01/08/2019.pdf 10MB

Newsletter No10 04/07/2019 pdf 7MB

Newsletter No9 21/06/2019 11 MB

Newsletter No8 06/06/2019.pdf 8MB

Newsletter No7 24/05/2019.pdf 8MB

Newsletter No 6 09/05/2019.pdf 8MB

Newsletter No 5 05/04/2019 pdf 14MB

Newsletter No 4 22/03/2019 pdf 11MB

Newsletter No3 07/03/2019 pdf 11MB

Newsletter No 2 22/02/2019 pdf 16MB

Newsletter No1 07/02/2019 pdf 5MB


Newsletter No19 6/12/2018 pdf 4MB

Newsletter No18 22/11/2018 pdf 11MB

Newsletter No 17 08/11/2018 pdf 9MB

Newsletter No 16 25/10/2018 pdf 7MB

Newsletter No 15 27/09/2018 pdf 8MB

Newsletter No 14 13/09/2018 pdf 8MB

Newsletter No 13 31/08/2018.pdf 7MB

Newsletter No 12 16/08/2018 pdf 6MB

Newsletter No11 2/08/2018.pdf 8MB 

Newsletter No10 05/07/2018 pdf 2MB

Newsletter No9 21/06/2018.pdf 5KB 

Newsletter No 8 07/06/2018.pdf 2MB

Newsletter No7 24/05/2018.pdf 2MB

Newsletter No6 10/05/2018.pdf 2MB

Newsletter No5 05/04/2018.pdf 2MB

Newsletter No4 22/03/2018.pdf 3MB

Newsletter No3 8/03/2018.pdf 3MB

Newsletter No2 22/02/2018.pdf 1.6MB

Newsletter No1 1/2/2018.pdf 2MB

VET Pathways Booklet and EOI Form:

SESSA Industry Pathways Programs 2019.pdf 6MB

2019 Regional EOI Form.pdf .6MB

Work Experience:

Workplace learning procedure.pdf 8MB

A guide to workplace learning for workplace providers.pdf 416KB

A guide to workplace learning for parents and caregivers.pdf 418KB

A guide to workplace learning for students.pdf 413KB

Feedback and Complaints:

Raising a complaint with DECD.pdf 231KB

Anti Bullying Policy:

Anti Bullying Policy.pdf 39KB


2018 Soroptimist Eduction Grant form-8 

2018 TriciaSally-Jane Scholarship Applic.pdf 190KB

Workplace Learning Guides

A guide to workplace learning for parents and caregivers

A guide to workplace learning for workplace providers

A guide to workplace learning for students