Grant High School provides an equitable, comprehensive and engaging curriculum that meets the needs of all students from Years 8 -12. From as early as Year 10, students have the opportunity to engage in classes specifically designed to meet their post-school aspirations. This can include, but is not restricted to: School-Based Traineeships and Apprenticeships; courses in Vocational Education and Training and courses specifically designed to support tertiary education pathways in all areas of learning.

Students on a vocational pathway are strongly advantaged by Grant High being the lead school in the Trade Schools for the Future in the Limestone Coast region. This facility supports students in initiating and managing their vocational aspirations and the studies at the same time.

Grant High School’s Flexible Learning Centre also has a strong role to play in students’ SACE completion, as they are able to flexibly complete their studies whilst in the workforce through this facility.

Academic Excellence

The school offers a broad curriculum to cater for the needs of all students. A full range of academic subjects is offered to students wishing to undertake tertiary studies, with significant support provided to assist with decision-making and choosing the appropriate courses to suit students’ goals.


Our commitment to keeping abreast with current technology is supported by sophisticated, up-to-date computing facilities. Student access to this equipment is significantly better than the state benchmark, with all Year 12’s having laptop computers this year, and planning in train for Year 11’s to shortly access the same hardware. Students further develop their learning technologies skills through involvement in the development and maintenance of these systems.

Special Programs

Every student at Grant High School is treated as an individual whose courses are designed specifically to suit them. As a result, a number of special programs are run both within and outside the school. These include a significant number of Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs, Target Works, the REAL for Boys program at Year 10, Leisure and Lifestyle, Community Studies and the Flexible Learning Centre.

Multicultural Focus

We embrace the notion that our school community is richer for the inclusion of other cultures. Students can study Japanese, Italian and other languages.We enjoy an annual student exchange with Soja Minami Senior High School in Okayama Prefecture, Japan, and include multicultural activities on our school calendar.