School Documents

Course Counselling 2018:

2018 Course Booklet.pdf   3.82MB

2018 Regional Program Quick guide.pdf   333KB

2018 Regional Program Booklet.pdf  1038KB

Site Improvement Plan:

Site Improvement Plan 2016.pdf  273KB

Annual Reports:

2017 Annual Report 245KB PDF

2016 Annual Report.pdf   231KB



Newsletter 2018 06 07 No8V2

Newsletter No7 24/05/2018 2MB Pdf

Newsletter No6 10/05/2018 2KB PDF

Newsletter No5 05/04/2018 2MB

Newsletter No4 22/03/2018 3MB

Newsletter No3 8/03/2018 PDF 3MB

Newsletter No2 22/02/2018 1.6MB

Newsletter No 1 1/2/2018 2MB


Newsletter No 19 7/12/2017 PDF 4MB

Newsletter No18 23/11/2017 PDF 8MB

Newsletter No17 09/11/2017 PDF 7MB

Newsletter No16 26/10/2017 8MB

Newsletter 15 29/09/2017 PDF 6KB

Newsletter 14 14/09/17 .pdf 8MB

Newsletter No13 31/08/2017 PFD 7MB

Newsletter No 12 17/08/2017 6MB

Newsletter No 11 03/08/2017.pdf   7MB

Newsletter No10 07/07/2017.pdf   7MB

Newsletter No 9 22/06/2017.pdf   8MB

Newsletter No 8 08/06/2017.pdf   8MB

Newsletter No 7 25/05/17.pdf   7MB

Newsletter No 6 11/5/17.pdf   6MB

Newsletter No 5 6/4/17.pdf   8MB

Work Experience:

Workplace learning procedure.pdf   8MB

A guide to workplace learning for workplace providers.pdf   416KB

A guide to workplace learning for parents and caregivers.pdf   418KB

A guide to workplace learning for students.pdf   413KB

Feedback and Complaints:

Raising a complaint with DECD.pdf   231KB

Anti Bullying Policy:

Anti Bullying Policy.pdf   39KB


2018Soroptimist Eduction Grant form-8 (1)

2018 TriciaSally-Jane Scholarship Applic.pdf 190KB

2018 Timetable Proposal Parent Lettter.pdf 4KB

Workplace Learning Guides

A guide to workplace learning for parents and caregivers

A guide to workplace learning for workplace providers

A guide to workplace learning for students